NFL upholds Tom Brady’s 4-game Deflategate suspension

Now, with Tom Brady‘s suspension staying put at four games, Brady will miss games against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars, and Cowboys. Brady appealed his suspension last month, but it appears he wasn’t able to convince the commissioner that he didn’t have a role in Deflategate.

In making the announcement, Roger Goodell emphasized important new information disclosed by Brady and his representatives in connection with the hearing into what has been widely known as Deflategate.

Based on Ted Wells’ report and the evidence presented at the hearing, Goodell concluded in his decision that Brady was aware of, and took steps to support, the actions of other team employees to deflate game footballs below the levels called for by NFL rules.

Goodell found that Brady’s deliberate destruction of potentially relevant evidence went beyond a mere failure to cooperate in the investigation and supported a finding that he had sought to hide evidence of his own participation in the underlying scheme to alter the footballs.

In an official letter from NFL Players Association general counsel Tom DePaso, it was stated that the report “grasps at dubious, contradictory and mischaracterized circumstantial evidence” and that it is a “legally inadequate basis upon which to impose unprecedented discipline.”

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