The Hall of Fame of Sports Memorabilia

To be inducted into, let alone to even be considered for, the coveted Hall of Fame in sports is essentially what every athlete, manager, umpire and executive hopes to achieve. Although the average sports fanatic cannot personally select who they would like to induct into the Hall of Fame, they still continue to hope and root for their favorite athlete(s) to get the recognition that they feel they deserve.

The prestigious title of being a member of a sports Hall of Fame is one that will last forever and like this title, diehard sports fans seek to get their hands on essentially timeless valuable sports memorabilia. Building a well stocked memorabilia collection can be very rewarding for any fan. So if you’re interested in getting started collecting sports memorabilia, then you’re in luck, it’s never too late to start.

Some fans decide to organize and categorize their collections, with some focusing solely on a single player or team, but there are other creative ideas to make your collection a lot more valuable and meaningful. One interesting way to get into the sports memorabilia world is by collecting memorabilia from the new members of the annual sports Hall of Fames. You can hone your collection by particular sport or you can play the field and start to collect different pieces of memorabilia from every sport.

So why should you consider starting or expanding your sports memorabilia collection into a Hall of Fame members collection? Well for starters these athletes or individuals chosen to be inducted have shown their talent and expertise over the course of time and for the most part they have shown that their efforts, skills and talents have been undisputed. So if you decide to start a Hall of Fame inductee collection, you know that not only is your collection going to be a valuable one but your collection will also be sought after solely for the fact that you have some of the greatest individuals’ sports collectibles. And if you are able to get your hands on autographed sports memorabilia the value of your collection will skyrocket even more.

CBS Sports did a piece a few years ago on an autographed postcard that was signed by all eleven living members of the original 1939 Baseball Hall of Fame induction class and this said postcard sold for a whopping $75K! And that’s just for one piece of sports memorabilia! Imagine what your inclusive collection could go for one day if you choose to sell it!

Because this is the sports Hall of Fame, many of these athletes are now retired and out of the game and unless you have been collecting sports memorabilia for a while or in the process of inheriting one sick collection, you have to think outside of the box when looking to get your hands on these items.

You could try your hand at eBay, but that can be risky in itself. Bidding against other shoppers and having to race against the clock to potentially not even get a chance to walk away with your desired collectable can be an undesirable approach. You could do this and chance not getting what you want or you could check out sports memorabilia stores like Hollywood Collectibles. Hollywood Collectibles specializes in gathering the most sought after sports memorabilia from every sport. Owner Rich Altman has carefully selected the best products from reputable sources to be featured in his store and on his website and his inclusive sports memorabilia collection is one to be admired.

At Hollywood Collectibles you can trust the quality and authenticity that you get with each and every piece of sports memorabilia. With other competitors like Amazon or eBay or even other sport memorabilia stores, you cannot always rely on the value or legitimacy of their products.

Hollywood Collectibles is based in Florida, but offers sports memorabilia collectors the option to surf and shop their online store. Hollywood Collectibles allows their shoppers to order and purchase their prized pieces of sports memorabilia online. And for the sake of these irreplaceable sports collectibles Hollywood Collectibles provides their customers the options of also purchasing display cases.

Hollywood Collectibles offers an extensive assortment of sports memorabilia. Sports enthusiasts can get their hands on autographed pieces, jerseys, baseballs, cards, football helmets and more! Hollywood Collectibles spans sports collectibles from many different sports, including the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, golf, college and boxing, just to name a few categories.

Hall of Famers

2017 saw the likes of many legendary and well deserving athletes, coaches and individuals get inducted into their respective sport’s Hall of Fame.


Memorable and talented NFL athletes LaDainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner and Jason Taylor are just a few of the athletes who joined the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

Former running back LaDainian Tomlinson was a favorite for an inductee spot, with this being his first year of eligibility. Not only is Tomlinson a four-time All-Pro choice, but also his career rushing touchdowns tops at the second spot in NFL history and his total touchdowns comes in at third overall.

In his time, former quarterback, Kurt Warner took two different teams to the Super Bowl. In his first run with the then St. Louis Rams, the Rams not only won the Super Bowl, but Warner was also awarded the Super Bowl MVP award at 1999’s Super Bowl XXXIV.

Defensive end Jason Taylor has received much recognition in his career. From attending the Pro Bowl more than six times, to being named 2006’s Defensive Player of the Year, Taylor definitely made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Hollywood Collectibles not only prides itself on having current and relevant sports memorabilia, but they carry many sports collectibles from these great athletes of the past! If you check their website out, you’ll notice Hollywood Collectibles has many valuable LaDainian Tomlinson collectibles. There are both signed and unsigned pieces of LaDainian memorabilia, ranging from cards, photos and jerseys.

Those who are interested can find a piece of memorabilia for Kurt Warner as well on Hollywood Collectibles’ website. These interested fans should know there is only a single piece of Kurt Warner sports memorabilia left on their website and it is a 2001 Kurt Warner/Marshall Faulk  dual football card. Serious fans should definitely look into this valuable card.

So let Hollywood Collectibles be your one-stop-shop, by completing or adding to your 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame collection by adding Jason Taylor’s autographed photo!


This year saw the induction of only one professional basketball player, Tracy McGrady, into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but there were plenty of other inductees as well. Tracy McGrady is most notably known in his career for his success with the Orlando Magic. McGrady has had a very remarkable career. He established an Orlando Magic franchise record for most points in a single game, is a two-time NBA Scoring Champion as well as a seven-time NBA All-Star, just to name a few of his accomplishments.

If you check out the Hollywood Collectibles website and search “Tracy McGrady” you’ll notice that they have a pretty sweet 2001 signed Topps basketball card.


Cooperstown was not exempt from adding worthy players to its list of Baseball Hall of Famers. Former baseball players Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines Sr. and Ivan Rodriguez were selected as player inductees for the Hall of Fame this year.

Jeff Bagwell, former first baseman of the Houston Astros, boasted the 1991 National League Rookie of the Year Award, the 1994 NL Most Valuable Player Award, has won three Silver Sluggers and one Gold Glove Award in his heyday.

Former left fielder, Tim Raines Sr. was also not shy of making a name for himself with the then Montreal Expos. Raines initially made a name for himself by his courage and speed on the field, setting records stealing bases and now his record of 808 stolen bases is fifth all-time.

Prior to retiring, Texas Rangers catcher Iván Rodríguez set and currently holds the record for two prestigious titles for a catcher. Rodríguez not only has 14 All-Star Game selections, but he also holds the title for the most Gold Glove Awards at 13! For Rodríguez, his sportsmanship goes well beyond his successes. Rodríguez’s commitment to the game is one to be recognized as well, with 2,427 games played as a catcher! Aside from his other achievements, Rodríguez has won the American League MVP Award, the NLCS MVP and seven Silver Slugger Awards.

Hollywood Collectibles provides a few unsigned, but many vintage Jeff Bagwell autographed sports memorabilia on its website. And since autographed sports memorabilia can sometimes be more valuable than other pieces, you might also want to check out Hollywood Collectibles’ collection of sports memorabilia for Tim Raines Sr. because all of the collectibles listed on the site are autographed! Iván Rodríguez also has a pretty lengthy selection of collectibles, both unsigned and autographed, on the website. If you head over there you’ll find a lot of prized baseball cards.


As far as the Hockey Hall of Fame is concerned two of the major highlights for the upcoming 2017 class were the selections of Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya.

This year is former forward Teemu Selanne’s first year of eligibility. Not only does Selanne have a Stanley Cup and a Calder Trophy under his name, but he also set and broke many records. In his rookie season, Selanne set the NHL rookie record for the 1992-93 season with 76 goals and also in that same season he set another record with 132 points.

Selanne’s old Ducks teammate and fellow forward, Paul Kariya also earned a nod for the exclusive list this year.  In the course of his career, three-time NHL First All-Time member, Kariya gained 989 points in 989 games to become a point-per-game player.

Besides the common player/athlete cards, there are some other great valuable collectibles. If you search Teemu Selanne’s collection you’ll notice there is a 1997 autographed San Jose NHL All Star Game puck! And if you look around you’ll also notice other important Teemu Selanne sports memorabilia. In addition, Hollywood Collectibles has a few awesome Paul Kariya player cards to choose from!

Aside from Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne, former players Dave Andreychuk, Mark Recchi and Danielle Goyette have also been elected for the upcoming ceremony. The 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in November.

The O.G.’s

Sports fans and collectors can expand their arsenal of sports memorabilia beyond the 2017 and recent Hall of Fame classes. One interesting way, that might take some determination, is by collecting sports collectibles from the original Hall of Fame classes.  And as mentioned before these are some very rare, but very valuable collectibles.

On the roster for some of the original Baseball Hall of Fame members includes some of the undisputable greats, like 1936’s Babe Ruth, 1939’s Lou Gehrig and 1937’s Cy Young. Searching the Hollywood Collectibles database you’ll find a 1932 New York Yankees Autographed Junior Baseball signed by both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. And if you are serious about adding this irreplaceable piece of sport memorabilia to your collection then you better act fast because there is only one of these left! Hollywood Collectibles also offers a few Lou Gehrig baseball cards as well as framed Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth photos.

The inaugural class of the Basketball Hall of Famers of 1959 includes just four individual player inductions: Charles “Chuck” Hyatt, Hank Luisetti, George Mikan and John Schommer. Interested collectors should check out Hank Luisetti’s autographed photo on the Hollywood Collectibles website. Luisetti isn’t the only original Hall of Famer on the Hollywood Collectibles website, they also have another autographed photo, but this one is of George Mikan himself.

The National Football League’s original Hall of Fame class comes from the year 1963. September 7, 1963 saw the induction of many key players, Earl “Dutch” Clark, Harold “Red” Grange, Mel Hein and Don Hutson, to name a few. Hollywood Collectibles has a few gem pieces for these valuable players including a single autographed Immortal Roll Football card of Earl “Dutch” Clark,  two autographed pieces (a newspaper clipping and 1st day cover) of Harold “Red” Grange, an autographed Mel Hein photo and a 1992 NFL Centennial Cache of Don Hutson!

And finally, the Hockey Hall of Fame saw the induction of many important players in 1945. These original Hockey Hall of Famers sports collectibles are a bit harder to come by, but don’t let that discourage you. Stay determined, ask around and add these pioneering Hall of Famers to your sports memorabilia collection!

Starting a Hall of Fame sports memorabilia collection can be a long process, but remember it’s always okay to start small and over time you can expand your collection into a large, desired and sought after one!


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