Why Go to Disney World When You Can Celebrate the Houston Astros Win With Authentic Collectibles?

By now it’s widely known that the Houston Astros have overcome major odds and struggles and have triumphed to score the coveted title of World Series champions. After the eventful summer Houston has had, with Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc on the city, it seems that most of the nation (regardless of team preference) united together to cheer on these unwavering and brave Astros and we couldn’t be any more happier that they won!

This was certainly a historic season for the ‘Stros, who clinched their very first World Series title… ever!

Just last year, the 2016 season wasn’t too kind to the Astros. Houston finished 11 games behind the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers and missed the Wild Card spot for the playoffs by five games, so it’s safe to say the outcome of this season was nothing short of spectacular!

General Manager Jeff Luhnow took a risk adding both new and former players- including Houston’s 2004 postseason prodigal son, Carlos Beltran– to the roster of the 2017 season, but we can all rest assured, Luhnow’s bets have certainly paid off.

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2017 Houston Astros Season

At the end of the regular season, the Astros found themselves holding the second best record in the AL division, just one win behind the Cleveland Indians, finishing with an unusual 101-61 record. The Astros went on to prove that their momentum wasn’t just a fluke beating baseball giants and October baseball staples like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox during the playoffs.  This season was not an easy one for the Astros, though, even after acquiring some great players. The Astros fought hard to earn the right to compete in the 2017 World Series.

For avid Astros fans, now is the time to stock up on any and all Houston Astros World Series Champions collectibles you can get your hands on. If you are a moderate sports fan you can stock up on your average souvenirs like Astros shirts, hoodies and hats or you can be a bit more strategic with your approach and get some serious Houston Astros memorabilia.

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Memorialize Houston’s World Series Win with a Memorabilia Collection

Starting a memorabilia collection will not only be a valuable one but a meaningful one as well. Build up a respectable memorabilia collection focused on Houston Astros signed and unsigned collectibles. Fill your collection with authentic autographed Houston Astros baseball cards, baseballs, baseball bats and even unsigned goodies like worn baseball hats. Starting a Houston Astros memorabilia collection is the perfect way to get the most out of the Astros’ notable season.

A memorabilia collection is the perfect way to show your enthusiasm for your favorite team or sport. If you’re a bit uncertain where to start, there are plenty of focuses to help you narrow down your collection and make it a valuable one to you.

So how do you build or expand a Houston Astros memorabilia collection? Well for starters, starting a collection shouldn’t be like accessing a speakeasy, there shouldn’t be any hidden entrances, passwords, booby traps, etc. You can simply use your determination and an internet connection to search for Houston Astros memorabilia.

There are many competitors out there that guarantee authentic, one-of-a-kind collectibles, but it’s easy to get lost in the vast sea of the internet. A safe bet, with an extensive library, is Florida based Hollywood Collectibles. Hollywood Collectibles has a physical store and an online site that ships worldwide with a plethora of authentic and valuable sports and celebrity memorabilia.

When starting or expanding a collection it’s important to have a focus, because even though some pieces of memorabilia can be affordable, some pieces can be a bit pricey. Don’t let these numbers intimidate you, research where you want to start, what you want to buy and factor in how much certain collectibles mean to you and your collection. If you plan your purchase out in advance, it will be an enjoyable process. It’s important to note, if you’re purchasing memorabilia online, that Hollywood Collectibles offers free shipping inside the continental United States for orders at or above $100.

So what are some sought after items you can get to start or expand your Houston Astros memorabilia collection with you ask? Well, keep reading!

2017 Notable Players

The Houston Astros aren’t typically known for being a dominating force to be reckoned with during the regular season or in October, but they have undoubtedly had a remarkable season and much of that can be attributed to the heart of their franchise, their team.

Recently, one of baseball’s most eventful moments came at the end of game seven of the World Series when shortstop Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend, Miss Texas USA 2016, Daniella Rodriguez on the field after the Astros clinched the title. This Fever Pitch, profession of love, baseball fairytale proposal was definitely one for the record books, but Correa’s athletic performance throughout his short career has also a noteworthy one. In 2015 Correa was the AL Rookie of the Year for his efforts and since then hasn’t been shy about continuously living up to his accomplishments. The 23-year-old has been very effective on the offensive side. This year he added his name to the list of “fastest time to reach 50 HRs for a shortstop,” was named the AL Player of the Month in May and made his first appearance in the MLB All-Star Game! Correa has accomplished so much in his career and seems to only be getting better!

Adding new, current players to a sports memorabilia collection is the perfect time to be adding them to your collection. If you decide to wait until they have gained many years of experience or have retired, you might miss out of some collectibles you can get now, that may be rare to even impossible to find in the future. Hollywood Collectibles offers Carlos Correa authentic autographed photos, rookie baseball cards and even two autographed model bats!

The World Series win was a first for baseball vet and powerhouse Carlos Beltran and a savory one at that. Beltran left his loyal Astros and fan base in 2004, but was fortunate enough to return home right in the nick of time.  Beltran’s extensive career spans 20 seasons (before a World Series win), three Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers, the 1999 AL Rookie of the Year and nine-time All-Star games! Carlos Beltran has definitely seen it all and this major win was well deserved for him.

Beltran’s extensive list of highlights, achievements and dedication to baseball is one that a serious sports fan should capitalize on. Regardless of the many colors he has worn on his quest for the World Series ring, Beltran’s overall talent and career is one that may get him Cooperstown Hall of Fame nods. Carlos Beltran sports memorabilia around the web can be pretty pricey, so it’s best to look around for the right distributor for you. Hollywood Collectibles offers authentic Beltran memorabilia at affordable prices. An easy search on the website for “Carlos Beltran” memorabilia turns up reasonably priced autographed Carlos Beltran baseballs and photos.

Houston Astros’ starting pitcher, Justin Verlander, also clinched his first World Series title this year. Verlander, who married model and actress Kate Upton just two days after he won the World Series, spent most of his career playing for the Detroit Tigers, but clinched one of the most valuable titles in baseball as an Astros pitcher. Some of Verlander’s highlights include the 2011 Cy Young Award (unanimous decision), AL Rookie of the Year in 2006, MLB MVP Award for 2011, six-time All-Star, a Triple Crown winner (2011) and plenty of more accomplishments! Hollywood collectibles currently has some pretty sweet Justin Verlander rookie cards from his time with the Detroit Tigers!

This is definitely not an all-inclusive list of notable Houston Astros top players, but it most definitely is somewhere to start. Other top performing Houston Astros players you need to include in your collection are second baseman and batting champ, Jose Altuve and 2017 World Series MVP George Springer! These two definitely seem to have bright futures in baseball and would be great players to add to your Houston Astros memorabilia collection!

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Astros Greats of the Past

Beltran, Correa, Verlander, Altuve and Springer aren’t the only great Astros to wear the orange and blue colors. The franchise may only have one World Series title, but they have had many great moments and players over the years.

Even though the Houston Astros may have not won the most sought after title in baseball until this year, they have furthered the careers and developed some tremendous talent. Jeff Bagwell was a staple to the Astros lineup during the mid to late ‘90s and into the early 2000s. Because of his comprehensive career highlights and consistent performance to the game, he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this year. Jeff Bagwell certainly made a name for himself by winning the 1991 NL Rookie of the Year award, 1994’s NL MVP award, he became one of six players in history (including Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie Foxx) to total at least 30 home runs, 100 RBIs and 100 runs scored per season in six years straight! His highlights don’t just stop there. Bagwell helped to place the Astros in six playoffs from 1997-2005, won three Silver Sluggers and a Gold Glove in 1994!

With an all around career like Bagwell’s, any serious sports collector knows the value of adding Jeff Bagwell memorabilia to your collection. Hollywood Collectibles has all the authentic memorabilia to satisfy your Jeff Bagwell voids. Take a look at Hollywood Collectibles “Jeff Bagwell” listings and you’ll see everything from autographed baseball cards, Jeff Bagwell autographed baseballs, stickers, photos and even a Jeff Bagwell autographed Louisville Slugger bat!

The early to late ‘80s saw the addition of Nolan Ryan to the Houston Astros ballclub. By this time Nolan Ryan was already a pitching powerhouse and Ryan signing with the Astros team was a beneficial one for both the team and city. Ryan’s contribution to the Astros definitely spurred the team on to be a top performing one. During his career, the now Cooperstown Hall of Famer, had 5,714 strikeouts (a major league record), 324 wins, broke Sandy Koufax’s record for modern-era single-season strikeouts, broke Walter Johnson’s all-time strikeout record, seven no-hitters and many more accomplishments!

Hollywood Collectibles has some serious Nolan Ryan memorabilia that spans a collection of items throughout his career. Adding Nolan Ryan memorabilia to your collection will definitely be an addition of a player that many collectors will admire. Hollywood Collectibles website has some really great Nolan Ryan gems. Search their site and you’ll find autographed baseball cards (even a signed 1968 Nolan Ryan Rookie card), photos, baseballs, figurines, career boards and more! Some of the top collector’s items include a Nolan Ryan signed 300th win game ticket and a Nolan Ryan signed 1969 Game 3 save ticket! Houston Astros collectors should seriously consider expanding their collection to these various Nolan Ryan collectibles, regardless of the team he was playing for at the moment on the collector’s item.

Back in the early 2000s, Lance Berkman made a name for himself and the Houston Astros. Berkman’s best years were spent with 12 seasons on the Astros roster, complete with five All-Star game appearances and even helping the Astros win their first-ever pennant during the 2005 season. Take a gander around the Hollywood Collectibles website for Lance Berkman collector’s items and you’ll see both autographed and unsigned Lance Berkman baseballs, photos, helmets and a 2008 Topps Heritage Jersey Card!

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A Houston Astros memorabilia collection is probably not the most common sports collection out there, with most people wanting to stick to collecting teams who continuously win or players who are popular. So starting a Houston Astros collection would be a rare one and whether or not you plan on selling parts of your collection in the future, you know that the pieces you start collecting now will be valuable items.



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