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I dare you to go to a NASCAR event and count the number of NASCAR hats on people heads, you would get tired after the first ten minutes. When it comes to NASCAR apparel Caps and T-shirts featuring drivers and cars is a multi-million dollar industry. Caps and hats with bills have dated back as far back military hats worn during the civil war, the reason for the development of these caps was basically to keep the sun out of the eyes of soldiers. With regards to sports it was the New York Knickerbockers that were the first to wear these specifically designed hats, originally made of straw. As you can see, caps have been around just as long as professional sports. Today's caps have beautiful colors and team logos. Easy to collect, fun to wear, Hollywood Collectibles offers a variety of caps from Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Bill Elliot, Kevin Harvick, and Ryan Newman. Add a cap to your collection today with Hollywood Collectibles.

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